Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My co-worker (and good friend) moved to Columbus, OH in October for a very exciting job opportunity. I was very sad to see her go so I put together this "survival guide" to hopefully help ease her into her new world. It's a mini book (5.5" x 4") and about 24 pages, all containing random facts about Ohio. Instead of posting the whole book I'm only posting a digital mock-up of the front cover and one inside page to give you an idea of the design. I spent a couple weeks researching Ohio in order to fill the book with interesting facts. Surprising, Columbus is a really cool city. I betcha didn't know the ice cream banana split was invented there!

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Aubre said...

I love my book so much! Thanks, Paula! Mike and I have both read the book, and I felt much more prepared upon arriving in Ohio. ;) We've already done some of the things you've researched. Hooray!