Monday, December 7, 2009

A Surprise Wedding

My wedding was very non-traditional. I eloped in Las Vegas! It was a complete surprise to both our families, so to celebrate and give everyone a chance to congratulate us we threw a party, or you could say "reception", a few months later. For the party I crafted a few of the decorations: posters, lottery ticket favors (to go with the Vegas theme), paper flowers, cupcake coasters (with the cake and frosting flavors on each since there were 5 different kinds), and cootie catchers (that had trivia questions about my husband and I).

UPDATE: Our wedding has been featured on Check it out for a peek into what goes into planning an elopement and how to keep it a secret.

Photos courtesy of my sister, Anne Bottkol at travelingvenus - thanks for snapping these Anne!

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