Friday, April 16, 2010

Color My World

First, take this poll to tell me your favorite color.

What does your color mean?

Black Authority, power, timeless, style, submission (Black is the absence of color.)

White Purity, light, summer, innocence, neutral, clean, sterile (Technically, white isn't a color, but a exhibition of all color.)

Red Intense, fast, love, attention, extreme (Red is an appetite stimulant and is seen painted on many restaurant walls. Paint your kitchen red.)

Green Nature, calm, refresh, fertile, conservative, wealth, relax (Talk shows will place their guests in a green room because it helps them relax. Paint your bathroom green.)

Blue Loyal, productive, tranquil, peaceful, calm, cold, depressing (Blue is the least appetizing color. Paint your livingroom blue.)

Purple Luxury, wealth, sophistication, royal, feminine, romantic, artificial (Purple is a favorite color among children and artists.)

Yellow Optimism, overpowering, cheerful, attention (Have you noticed that most legal pads are yellow? That's because yellow enhances concentration.)

Orange Endurance, vitality, heal, power, creative, enthusiasm, sincere, luck (In Feng Shui, orange focuses your concentration and ability to organize. Paint your office orange.)

Brown Reliable, genuine, wistful, sad, solid, earth, nature (It's no coincidence that UPS uses brown as their main company color when it's associated with words such as reliability, wholesomeness, and steadfastness.)

Pink Love, quiet, beauty, tranquil (Sometimes prisons use pink tones to diffuse aggressive behaviour.)

How well do you see color?

Click here to take the Munsell hue test to find out. I was able to get a perfect score of 0 after two tries. How many does it take you?

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