Monday, May 24, 2010

Passport Pouch

Soon I will be basking in the sun and sipping on cocktails in the Caribbean. Soon all my worries will melt away as I melt into an adirondack chair on a sandy beach. Soon, soon. But not soon enough! To kill time waiting, I decided to put to use all those fabrics I have and make myself a handy little passport/travel pouch. I found a really great tutorial on how to do this here. With traveling being so nasty these days - long security lines, paying extra to check baggage, etc. - I wanted to ease the pain by making my trip in and out of the airport as easy and stress-free as possible. This pouch is a perfect container to hold passports, flight and hotel check-in papers, extra cash, and any other important documents you'll need.

I think I may have to attempt a baggage tag next. :)


Laural said...

This looks great - I love the fabric! Have a great trip!

Niharika said...

Wow, I love the fabric! Do you think putting that elastic is better than a button? Let me know, am planning to make my travel organizer soon :)


NiHaRiKa said...

Hey! Can you please answer a few questions for me please? Thank you in advance! :)
1) What kind of fabric did you use to make this? Cotton or some other thicker fabric? Kindly suggest.
2) Did you use any kind of canvas or padding to add sturdiness to the organizer?
3) Can you please explain the zipper parts of the tutorial? Am really confused and would appreciate your help!

Thanks so much in advance!

Qreative Quail said...

Hi NiHaRiKa! I'm glad you like the passport pouch. It came in handy while traveling. I get to use it again in 2 weeks when I fly to NY, yay! As far as the closure, I would definitely recommend using the elastic. It was very convenient when I needed to open it quickly while standing in a busy line, with one hand, carrying my luggage and a million other things. I think a button would look better but be less functional and take too long to open and close. However, I think a snap button could work just as well as the elastic. It would be worth trying.

Qreative Quail said...

To answer your other questions...
1. I used light weight cotton fabrics. Quilting fabric would work fine. I bought all the fabrics for my passport pouch at Gayfeather in Madison, WI,
2. I didn't use any extra padding because there's a lot of layers of fabric from the pockets already. Plus once you fill it up, it becomes a lot sturdier.
3. The pockets and zippers were very confusing for me as well. The tutorial I used ( explains it about as well as I could too. A lot of it involved using my own problem solving skills to make sure it came together and was functional. I wish I could do a better job of explaining it for you but at this point I would have to physically show you. Keep in mind when sewing the zippers use a zipper foot on your sewing machine. This will make it much easier.

Let me know if you have any more questions and I'd love to see what yours looks like when done!

Qreative Quail said...

Oh, one more thing! The fabrics were designed by Anna Maria Horner (multi-colored floral fabric) and Joel Dewberry (teal and red floral fabric). The off-white fabric is 100% organic.

NiHaRiKa said...

Dear Paula! Thanks so much for your comments. They really help. I am still trying to figure out how to do the zipper part, I will give it another try tomorrow :)
NY sounds ex-roomies are there and I got to visit them more than 4 times in the last few yrs..amazing art in the city :)
I will definitely use the elastic and would avoid using some thick material..your comments really helped in making the organizer more practical..
Will post a link soon to you when I finish the organizer..

Take care and thank you for your help :)