Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Travel to Aruba

My trip to Aruba was, well, GREAT! White sand beaches, snorkeling, Dutch/Spanish culture, gorgeous sunsets, off-roading, wild donkeys, butterflies, fresh seafood, and delicious pina coladas made with native coconut rum. There are many reasons to love Aruba but the best part was the ocean. It's a small island so no matter where you are, or in what direction you look, you'll probably see it. The water surrounding this Caribbean island is clear, warm and therapeutic. I could have floated in it all day. But don't take my word for it, instead take a look at these pictures and I dare you not to book your flight today!

(Click on images to enlarge.)
Amazing beaches surround the island, as well as an entertaining marina where fishermen, pelicans, iguanas, and crabs reside. I highly recommend renting a boat to fish the fertile waters. Even if you don't catch anything, although you will and it'll be a huge fish, it'll make for a peaceful cruise. The best part is you can keep a portion of your catch and bring it to a nearby restaurant to have it cooked up for you, and 20 of your friends since you're bound to leave with bags full of fresh fillets.

Find a relaxing spot on Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, or Baby Beach. Dig your toes in the soft sugar sand, crack open a can of Balashi beer (Aruba's very own award-winning microbrew), and lavish in the beauty of paradise.

Looking for adventure? Go on a Safari in this desert-like island. You'll be surprised at what you'll find both on land and in sea.

Aruba was originally settled by the Spanish but eventually ended up in the hands of the Dutch. There's a strong influence from both cultures evident in the beautiful and distinctive architecture (historic and modern).

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