Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Word Warrior to the rescue!

This post is one big shout-out to my friend, Aubre. I'm proud to announce that she's just launched her professional website, with me as her web designer and Aaron as her web programmer. I must say the three of us make a good team because her site turned out wonderful (I especially had fun creating the roll-overs; play around on her site and you'll see what I mean). It's been months in the making but it's now finished so all she needs to do is wait for the jobs to come rolling in. And I'd bet money that she's going to be a very busy woman!

Congrats, Aubre on the official launch of your freelance business. May the Force be with you!

Check out her site here, her blog here, and like her on Facebook while you're at it. Pow! Bam! Kaboom!


Aubre said...

Woohoo! Thanks, Paula! I couldn't have done it without you...obviously!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're such a sweet friend! Keep it up!

Aubre said...

PS I've been getting so many compliments (as usual) and just got a group of new followers on Twitter and Facebook from a Copyblogger guest post I did so I posted your blog and Aaron's site on my FB page and Twitter feed. Maybe you'll get some new business!