Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yarn Wreaths

I told you I made a bunch of these. And I wasn't kidding.

Here we have "The Peacock" (for my sister):
 Winter Frost (for my sister-in-law): 
Purple Plume (for my other sister):
 Go Pack Go (for my mom, the biggest Packer fan I know):
Cozy Sweater (for my aunt):
 Bird's Song (for my mother-in-law):


Megan Colyer said...

These wreaths are phenomenal! Do you sell them? I would love to buy one!

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Nolabelle Soire├ęs said...

These are soo cool!!!

Grace H said...

very beautiful! I would like to learn how to make it!! :-)

hope you will add me, thanks