Friday, June 18, 2010

Death By Chocolate

As far as I'm concerned June is vampire month. Last weekend was the season 3 premiere of True Blood (love, love, love) and, come June 30th, Twilight Saga: Eclipse (guilty pleasure) opens in theaters across the U.S. Am I vampired out yet? Yes, absolutely. Let's face it, we're being bombarded with blood suckers every day. With TV shows such as Vampire Diaries and The Gates, in addition to a few vampire movies, werewolf spin-offs, and a plethora of new vampire novels (House of Night series, Vampire Academy series, etc.) hitting bookshelves everyday it's hard to avoid it. So...I've decided to embrace it. Love it. Devour it - literally! Here's my take on, what I call, Love At First Bite cupcakes.

(click on image to enlarge)

Warning: This next image is graphic. I apologize, but things just got out of hand. Unfortunately, one of the cupcakes didn't make it.


Anonymous said...

so cute!

Aub said...

I wish I was a designer! I love how you organized the photos and your "police line"! Can't wait to see Eclipse with you! Woo!

Gretchen said...

These are so creative - you inspire me :-)