Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lola's Island of Misfit Toys

Puppies chew...a lot. Which is understandable. Up until they are about one year of age, puppies are teething so they need lots of things to chew on, preferable not hands, toes, furniture, or cats. Lola is just over 4 months old now and her prime teething time has only just begun. So I provide lots of plush toys for her to take her teeth to. Most of the animals do not come out unscathed from this. Some actually lose their lives. But I do what I can to keep their heart ticking. Everything from face transplants to ear removals. Whatever it takes to keep both Lola and her stuffed friends going. Because of this, my house has turned into the Island of Misfit Toys. Meet it's inhabitants:

Red Horse and Mama Koala with a full face removal, and her little one, Baby Koala, with a brand new face (hope is in sight). Blue Ardvark with a new mouth and nose. Elmo with an eyeball bandage, Raccoon with a missing ear, half a nose and a full removal of all squeakers.

I'm sorry to say that shortly after Baby Koala's full face transplant, Lola swiftly took her life in a game of "chew face". Baby Koala, you will be greatly missed.

This I also needed to share with you. Lola being a sassy puppy, again. She discovered how fun it is to tear apart delicate things such as toilet paper. Well, at least it's better than grabbing the snotty tissues out of the waste basket. Who says puppies aren't like 2 year olds?


willma said...

Es una perra preciosa.
Yo tenía un bobtail que se parecía mucho a Lola.


Dreamcode said...

First of all... your Lola is sooo gorgeous and sweet =). I have the same problem with my puppy, needs always something to play with =). Greets Dagna