Friday, September 24, 2010

New York City, Food Edition: The Main Dish

I LOOOOOVE food, about as much as I love NYC. So when I had my first opportunity to visit the Big Apple a few weeks ago, I dove right into the food scene. I had everything from massive meat sandwiches to exotic Asian fruits during my trip. So join me in a tour of all things edible found in the heart of NYC: Manhattan!

I'll just say it right now, pizza was by far my favorite NY food. I could eat it every day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even now, I still crave it. Some day I'll be back to get another slice of pie, but until then here are some of the best foods I had while hiking through the urban jungle.

This little slice of heaven was my first meal of the trip (not counting the cupcake). Ray's Pizza has a huge presence in the city so it was hard to miss it. Plus there was one just a few blocks from my hotel. It was destiny, as was this delicious slice of margherita pizza.

Stage Deli is located near the Broadway district and Times Square and also serves some of the best pastrami sandwiches in the world. I opted for this behemoth of a pastrami reuben topped with a ridiculous amount of cheese and an over-sized plate of fries. Luckily, my brother was with me and ate the other half. Be warned, these sandwiches are enormous, but also expensive (about $20 each). Clearly, they're meant for sharing. BTW, notice the deli mustard on the left. That's right, no yellow mustard here, only the good brown stuff with a bit of a kick.

Curiosity got the best of me so the following day I headed over to Carnegie Deli (Stage's rival, and only a block away) to give their pastrami a taste test. I had to find out for myself who had the best. Well, sorry Stage, but Carnegie wins this round. Sure, the plain pastrami sandwich doesn't look as amazing compared to the cheese and kraut covered 'wich from Stage, but their meat was insanely good and of better quality. Maybe it's in the meat making process, or the hundred's of celebrity photos staring back at me, but I was in pastrami bliss with this big guy.

When in Chinatown, dim sum is a must. These dumplings were teamed up with a few deep fried morsels as well, and a tall glass of sauvignon blanc. There's a lot of places to get your dim sum; Jung Fong, Golden Unicorn, Oriental Pearl, but these little pearls were consumed at the award winning Ping's Seafood.

If dumpling's aren't your thing, or you're looking for something a little more adventurous, I highly recommend ox tail curry. Instead of a side of rice, it comes with little mini fried bread loaves to soak up the juices. Boney and fatty, ox tail becomes a very tender and juicy meat in this unique dish.

Back for more pizza. I tried to get as much as I could before leaving. This time it was a slice of Hawaiian.

One last dinner before heading out so we decided to make a quick stop at Roxy Delicatessen at Times Square. I ordered a simple knish, but my travel companion, Kevin, opted for this hefty stuffed cabbage. It looked amazing and tasted just as good.


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