Friday, September 10, 2010

"The Suitcase"

Did anyone watch Mad Men last Sunday? O.M.G.! Best. Episode. Ever! Dare I say, best hour on T.V. ever?! It was better than last seasons season finale even. Don vs. Peggy. Peggy vs. Don. It was a highly emotional episode between two main characters who have had a strained relationship for years. Both experiencing life's ups and, at the time, downs. While feeling the pressure to come up with a winning campaign for their client, Samsonite, they've hit a crossroads with each other and the end result was a beautiful conclusion. What I found interesting was the time period in which this took place. Yes, we all know it's set in the 60's but this episode is set specifically during a time when civil rights was in full swing and Muhammad Ali (still being referred to as Cassius Clay on Mad Men) just won the boxing match against Sonny Liston with his quick "phantom punch" knockout. I couldn't help but notice how this famous and historical boxing match was a reflection of Don's life at the moment. Bravo to Matthew Weiner and all the people involved with creating this fantastic show. Everything about it is so impressive right down to the smallest of details. And if Jon Hamm and Elizabeth Moss don't win Emmy's next year for their performances, then they have better get a nice, well deserved pay raise.

Also, don't forget to vote at AMC for your favorite Mad Men style submitted photo. The winner gets a walk-on role on the show next season. Or enter your own photo for a chance to win. Why I didn't enter is beyond me, but I have had fun and been inspired just browsing the entries so far. Carly Simone from Phoenix, AZ (love the yellow shoes) and Nick Savine from Fayetteville, AR (you remind me of Paul Newman in The Hustler - minus the cig), you've got my vote!

And, if you're looking for a laugh, check out for some genius Photoshoping (#2 is my fav). During last Sunday's episode, Don breaks down and actually sheds a couple tears. The blogging community decided to take full advantage of this, in a funny way. If you're a Mad Men fan, you're going to LOVE this. If you have no idea what Mad Men is (ah, crazy!) you'll still really enjoy it.

By the way, did anyone notice the look on Pete's face when Peggy and Trudy walked out of the bathroom together? Priceless!

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