Friday, September 24, 2010

New York City, Food Edition: Sides and Snacks

Bagels are a must eat when in NYC. And if you can, grab a spot near Central Park, like right outside the Apple Store, and do a little early A.M. people watching.

When at the Carnegie Deli, instead of a basket of bread, I was given a plate of large pickles before my massive meat sandwich came. Yesss! Spicy and mild, they went great with the pastrami. And yes, we cleaned the plate.

I've never heard of a knish before, but I did notice it on many menus and at numerous food carts during my visit. I finally broke down and got a potato knish at Roxy Delicatessen. If I hadn't eaten so many meat sandwiches, I'm sure I would have gone for the meat knish, but the potato was substantial enough. With a side of sour cream, it was the ultimate comfort food.

After breezing through Toys R' Us in Times Square we stopped at the Candy Land candy store, and what is the one thing my brother manages to comes out with? Mexican Spice larvae and Salt and Vinegar crickets! Gross. I choked down a larvae, but that's where I draw the lines. Kevin, those crickets are all yours!

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Aub said...

I just saw those candy bugs when we were at this crazy European grocery store in Cincy! So groossss!!!!